Referral Program


If this position is not a fit for you tell me a name of someone you work with now or at your last job or the name of an associate.

Our company lives on referrals. Your associate might not tell you they’re looking, but they may be interested in learning about the position we have open. All I need is a name and an email address.  Or if you prefer to have them contact me make sure they reference your name when they contact me.  Send it to:

For new business referrals:

  • New business referrals are HR executives, hiring managers, or internal recruiters whom you know personally and who are currently hiring.
  • If your new business referral becomes a Skinner and Associates client and hires at least one candidate through us, you will be awarded $500 (limit one referral bonus per lead).

For job candidate referrals:

  • Job candidate referrals are job candidates whom you know personally and whom you recommend for a specific job opening. Click here for our job openings.
  • If your job candidate referral is placed in a position by Skinner and Associates within 6 months of your referral, you will be awarded $500 for that referral.