Software Security Architect – Minneapolis Area


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Our Client is seeking a Software Security Architect.  Someone that has a passion for world-class software development, who understands that security cannot be bolted on later, and who can define and lead secure software practices. This person will use a blend of modern technologies, and will join us in caring about the customers who trust the Client to protect and secure their data. As an architect, you’ll be working on challenging problems in securing system communication, establishing secure coding practices, and building security prototypes for feature teams to develop. You might be a good fit if you enjoy participating in a design session in front of a white board, implementing a secure and scalable infrastructure, or going through a stack trace from a failed test. We have a casual and collaborative work atmosphere where everyone’s opinions and ideas are valued.

Client provides critical communications to healthcare, public safety, and government to more than 3,000 organizations.

You’ll be responsible for: 

  • Developing and evaluating secure data persistence and system software communication
  • Writing functional software prototypes that other software engineers will use as a model for building a secure platform
  • Ongoing study and analysis of needs for secure data and messaging infrastructure including VPN, operating systems, and third party software evaluation
  • Conducting secure data persistence, architecture design, feasibility, and cost studies
  • Educating and developing security practices across multiple development teams
  • Adhering and translating HIPAA, HITECH, and JITC security compliance in accordance with standards, policies and procedures for developers
  • Discussing  what was ground breaking in the movies The Net and Swordfish, as well as why they are so wrong
  • Identifying security gaps, proposing different architectural and design solutions, and writing software to vet out different ideas
  • Verifying platform security by writing test scripts and working with fellow testers
  • Complex software/hardware troubleshooting, patches and re-installations
  • Developing and communicating new technology standards and best practices
  • Contributing as part of multiple teams of super engineers building the next generation cloud and enterprise technologies
  • Designing, building, and managing security models and storage for our global high performance infrastructure
  • Tracking and understanding emerging security practices and standards
  •    Other duties may be assigned.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Computer Science/Engineering (or equivalent experience)
  • Minimum 10 years of experience writing software with multiple teams of software engineers
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with securing data in flight, data at rest in multiple persistence technologies, operating systems, and infrastructure
  • Experience with containerization and .NET 4.0 or .NET Core
  • Experience with securing full text search data engines such as ElasticSearch/Lucene
  • Experience with designing and implementing solutions for securing data through software development and hardware based encryption
  • Experience with securing document storage models, service buses, and other Event Driven SOA
  • Strong ability to quickly interpret and transform ambiguous information into design artifacts to communicate concepts and ideas to various stakeholders
  • Career-proven aptitude for working with current state technologies
  • Consistently demonstrates a professional, positive, and approachable attitude/demeanor
  • Has engineered one’s self out of a job through automation and education of others
  • Demonstrates inquisitiveness in order to have a full understanding of the problems being solved
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Clinical/Healthcare experience is a plus 


  • CISSP or CISM certification
  • Experience with AWS or Azure environments, dev ops, and automation
  • Work with Docker or other container technologies
  • The ability to be a champion and leader that stands out
  • Experience with large-scale data storage and database systems spanning enterprise to cloud
  • Exceptional candidates will be able to display mastery of telekinesis


  • Innovator
  • Collaborative
  • Values Differences
  • Instills Trust
  • Passionate
  • Calm and Chill